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Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

  • Who: Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, Government Agency
  • What: HVAC Installation/Automation, Plumbing Installation
  • and Preventive Maintenance
  • Location: NW 36th St & Martin Luther King Blvd, OKC, OK

In June of 2016, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority partnered with Hunter to undertake a major renovation and 6,000 square foot expansion to the agency’s original headquarters. Built in 1969, the building’s systems crucially needed to be improved and modernized – continual “band aids” were no longer an effective option. An entire new mechanical system was needed to update this big, old facility.

Hunter began with completely replacing the HVAC system and automating its controls. This required a sizable mechanical system that was designed with 10 individual systems seamlessly tied together to function as one, with computerized command of the entire building. Instead of 20 temperature zones, there are now 102, providing much more individual control and comfort. Hunter also renovated the building’s restrooms, installing new toilets and sinks with automated sensors.

Each of these measures delivered the agency a more energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly facility. With the new HVAC system alone, substantial energy savings are seen in the lower monthly utility bill, even with the additional 6,000 square feet of space in the building. Hunter also had automated systems experts present the agency with a comprehensive tutorial, going through the entire process, answering questions, and providing personalized customer service.

Hunter continues the partnership with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority as its preventive maintenance contractor, helping to sustain the improved facility. At the end of August 2017, one of the facility’s air handling units was generating a recurring error code. The primary technician assigned to service the building quickly determined the problem, but the replacement part would take 6 weeks to arrive through the standard ordering process. Instead of making the agency wait, the technician found the exact part necessary on EBay, had it overnighted, and completed the repair the next day.

Rhonda Ward, Asset Manager at the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority was quoted, saying this about Hunter: “The quality of equipment and quality of staff is very important to us, especially as a state agency, and Hunter’s is really impressive. I can’t say enough about the customer service they provide – knowledgeable, patient, and prompt. They explained our new systems very well at the beginning, and a year later they’re still here supporting us.”

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